What Is Swype?

Keeping our families and ourselves healthy is a daily battle.

For many of us, keeping our families and ourselves healthy is a daily battle. Our days are very busy, so it can be difficult to find time to be proactive about staying healthy, and there’s never a good time to be sidelined by an illness.

This is why Dr. Kent New, MD, PhD, developed Swype Shield. Using knowledge he gained earning his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology, Dr. New created a product specially designed to keep the skin at the entrance to the nose clean without being unsightly or irritating to this sensitive area of the face. Try Swype Shield today – you will love it!

When To Swype

We recommend incorporating Swype Shield into your daily routine. Learn some of the key locations you should use Swype Shield before visiting.

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How To Swype

Swype Shield was designed to be easy to use. Just a small amount of gel is needed to help you stay healthy. Learn how to apply Swype Shield.

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There are numerous products available that claim to help you stay healthy, but Swype is unique. It targets where it matters most – the nose!

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Works in conjunction with the flu vaccine to help you stay healthy.

Two months supply only $12.99.
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