What Makes Swype Shield Better?

There are numerous products available that claim to help you stay healthy, but Swype is unique. The main factor that sets Swype apart and makes it effective is that it targets where it matters most – the nose!

Below we detail two of the most popular products that people use to maintain their health, and how Swype is different and an important addition to your routine for staying healthy.

Washing Your Hands & Hand Sanitizers

Many people think that by washing their hands or by using hand sanitizers they can keep viruses and bacteria away from them. But, washing and sanitizing only leaves your hands clean until you touch the next contaminated person or surface, which often occurs seconds after you wash or sanitize your hands. To top it all off, viruses can survive on objects like doorknobs, railings, counters, and desks for up to 48 hours! Don’t get us wrong, keeping your hands clean is extremely important to maintaining your health, but since it’s nearly impossible to keep them clean throughout the day, washing your hands is not enough to prevent you from getting sick.

Immune System Boosters

Another class of illness prevention products that have become popular over the past few years are immune system boosters. These products don’t have proven efficacy and are essentially expensive multivitamins.

Works in conjunction with the flu vaccine and hand hygiene to help you stay healthy.

Two months supply only $12.99.

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Comparison of Preventative Techniques

Application Time


Risk of Skin Irritation

(% reduction in VURI)

Swype Shield < 10 Seconds 3x/day Minimal 68%
Hand Washing > 30 Seconds After touching any common surface Moderate Up to 50%
Hand Sanitizer
15-25 Seconds After touching any common surface
(Efficacy decreases with frequent use)
Severe Up to 20%
Hand Sanitizer
(Benzalkonium Chloride)
25-35 Seconds Every 2 hours Minimal 30-40%

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