How To Swype

Easy to apply and invisible.

For maximum benefit, only a small amount of Swype Shield needs to be applied to the skin at the entrance of the nose 3x/day.

The amount of gel needed for each nostril is about the size of the head of a pin. Apply the gel to the skin inside the nostril opening to about 5mm (0.2 inches) inside the nostrils. There is no need to apply to the nasal membranes or on the upper lip.

We recommend incorporating Swype Shield into your daily routine (such as applying it after meals, or when you brush your teeth) so that you’re always protected. It is easy to apply and is invisible.

Swype Shield is safe and effective for anyone ages 2 years or older. The ingredients in Swype Shield are greater than 99% natural, and it does not contain any alcohol or zinc.

Each tube of Swype Shield contains approximately 200 applications – that’s over 2 months worth of protection!

Wash Your Hands, Swype Your Nose, Stay Healthy Everywhere You Go!

Two months supply only $12.99.

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1 Squeeze small amount onto finger


2 Apply to entrance of nose

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