What people are saying about Swype.

My husband and I travel frequently and use to get sick often when traveling.  Since using Swype the last three years, neither of us have gotten a cold or the flu!  Thank you!


Having two kids in day care and one in elementary school while my husband and I work,  viruses and germs are a common thing in our home.  Swype has changed our lives—kept us from having sick days from work and school and helped prevent colds!   Thank you!!


I’m a 13 year old with a bad immune deficiency. Whenever I catch a cold, it goes straight to my lungs and I’m out of school for the next 3 weeks. The times I had to go outside I had to wear a mask to help me from catching yet another virus.  Once I discovered Swype, I applied everyday twice a day at school and other places .  It is a miracle!  It is saving me from becoming more and more sick!  My whole family uses it everyday!  Thank you!


Since finding Swype my granddaughter who has an immune deficiency illness has reduced her colds and flus to nearly none.  Prior to that she was on antibiotics daily for prevention.


Swype is so effective –I never get sick when I use it!

Cindy D.

Wash Your Hands, Swype Your Nose, Stay Healthy Everywhere You Go!

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