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Swype Shield is regulated by the FDA as a cosmetic. The product is intended to clean the skin at the entrance to the nose (known as the nares). The product is manufactured under GMP guidelines at a facility in New Jersey. The active ingredients in Swype Shield can be found in popular facial cleansers, soaps, shampoos, and baby wipes.

Works in conjunction with the flu vaccine and hand hygiene to help you stay healthy.

Two months supply only $12.99.

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Swype Shield’s ingredients are 99% natural, and it’s alcohol- and zinc-free (because they can be harmful to the skin at the entrance to the nose). The active ingredients in Swype Shield are malic acid and sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate. These are both proven safe and effective skin cleaners.

Dr. New worked with a master chemist to determine the perfect combination of the active ingredients required to effectively keep the nose clean, while being gentle enough for the sensitive skin in this area. To create a cosmetically-pleasing topical gel for the skin at the entrance to the nose, the active ingredients were added to a corn-oil based natural moisturizer with a natural thickener. The resulting formulation is 99% natural, invisible when applied, and safe for ages 2 to 102.

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