Questions and Answers

What is Swype Shield?

Swype Shield is a gel that is applied to the entrance of the nostrils to keep them clean. The nose is one of the most important sites on your body to keep clean in order to maintain good health.

How often should I use Swype Shield?

We recommend using Swype Shield three times per day – at breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, it is perfectly safe to use more often.

When should I use Swype Shield?

We recommend using Swype Shield every day by adding it to your daily routine. However, it is especially important to use Swype Shield before or after you enter a crowded area (i.e. supermarket, airplane, office, hospital, school).

Where can I buy Swype Shield?

Swype Shield is currently only available for purchase on this website and at North Beaches Pharmacy on Penman Road in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

How long does a tube of Swype Shield last?

A tube of Swype Shield lasts one person approximately 2 months when used as directed.

If I use Swype Shield and wash my hands frequently, should I still get the flu vaccine?

YES! We believe strongly in vaccines. Keeping your hands and skin at the entrance to your nose clean is good hygiene, but it is still important to get the flu vaccine if you are at high risk of the flu. Please refer to the CDC website for more information about who is at high risk of the flu.

Is it safe to share a tube of Swype Shield with another person?

Yes, however we recommend you wash your hands first if you are using your finger to apply the gel to the inside of your nostrils.

Are there side effects associated with using Swype Shield?

Swype Shield is not habit-forming and does not contain ingredients that cause concern when applied to the nose, such as zinc and alcohol. In addition, the ingredients in Swype Shield are generally regarded as safe by the FDA and are present in many cosmetic products. However, you should stop using Swype Shield if a rash or irritation occurs where applied. To reduce the chances of irritation, use only a small amount of Swype Shield during application, and wipe off any excess product.

Is Swype Shield safe for young children?

Swype Shield is recommended for children ages 2 and older. It may cause skin irritation in young children, but usually does not.

Can I use Swype Shield with my medications?

Swype Shield is a topical skin cleanser and therefore safe to combine with any medications.

Can I use Swype Shield while pregnant?

Swype Shield has ingredients found in many skin cleansing products and shampoos, and therefore doesn’t have any known adverse effects for women who are pregnant. However, as with all health products, we recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional before use if you have any questions about your particular situation.

If I leave Swype Shield in my car will the extreme heat or cold impact its effectiveness?

No. It is ideal to keep Swype Shield at room temperature where it is stable for at least two years, but it has been tested and found to be resistant to heat and freezing temperatures.

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