When To Swype

It’s important to use Swype Shield anytime you are going to enter an environment that is crowded or frequented by numerous people. If you’re thinking, “That’s just about everywhere,” you’re right!

That’s why it’s important to add Swype Shield to your daily routine. It only takes a few seconds to apply, and you only need to use it 3x/day to keep your nose clean! We recommend you apply Swype Shield in the morning while you’re getting ready, during lunch (a tube in your lunch bag will remind you), and in the late afternoon (ie, before you leave work).

Wash Your Hands, Swype Your Nose, Stay Healthy Everywhere You Go!

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Here are some key locations to remember to Swype Shield before visiting:

At Home and Around Town

Have you ever noticed how once one family member is sick, the others soon follow? That is because the germs that cause illnesses spread quickly amongst family members. Thus, it is important to keep your hands and face clean at home, especially if someone else in your household is sick.

Young children are especially susceptible to illness because their immune systems are not mature, and they like to touch everything and put everything in their mouth. This is why they typically get more than twice the number of colds per year than adults.

So, to maintain good health, wash your hands frequently and use Swype Shield 3x/day to keep your hands and nose clean.

At Work and At School

In a survey conducted by Thomson Reuter’s health unit, nearly three-quarters of respondents said they went to work sick in the last year! Patients visit health care facilities because they are sick, thus bringing illness to the workers in the facility.

We all try to keep free from germs in our daily lives by washing our hands frequently. The truth is, no matter how good you are about washing your hands, they only stay clean until the next time you touch something or someone!

When Traveling

Airplanes, buses, trains and subways provide constant exposure to many individuals so the chance of getting sick when traveling is very high.

Gas Stations
Locker Rooms
Public Restrooms

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