For many of us, keeping our families and ourselves healthy is a daily battle. Our days are very busy, so it can be difficult to find time to be proactive about staying healthy, and there’s never a good time to be sidelined by an illness.

Have you ever noticed how once one family member is sick, the others soon follow? That is because the germs that cause illnesses spread quickly amongst family members. Young children are especially susceptible to illness because their immune systems are not mature, and they like to touch everything and put everything in their mouth. This is why they typically get more than twice the number of colds per year than adults.

Swype Shield was developed for just these reasons. Swype Shield is an invisible and unscented protectant gel designed to keep the skin at the entrance to the nose clean without being unsightly or irritating to this sensitive area of the face. The nose is the main entry point into the body for viruses that cause colds and the flu.

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  • Keeps germs from entering nose
  • 99% natural (alcohol and zinc free)
  • Clear & odorless gel that dries quickly
  • Each tube has approx. 200 applications

Wash your hands, swype your nose, stay healthy everywhere you go!

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